GUERRE-WOBE (WE, KRAN) (also see related Bete, Dan, Geh, and Grebo)

Most Guerre (Ngere, Guere, Gwere, Gere) - Wobe (Quobe, Oube, Wobo) masks were created to frighten with the gaping  jaws and tubular eyes. The style of these forest living people differ from the sophisticated, gentle and often refined art  of the neighboring savanna-dwellers. Confederation govern both tribes - the largest is the warrior confederation which is led by a military chief, who also acts as a civil authority. The family units also play an important role in Guerre-Wobe social life. The art of Guerre and Wobo people is stylistically connected and both tribes are often collectively referred to as We, meaning "men who easily forgive." We people produce a variety of masks often characterized by enlarged triangular nose, an open mouth and tubular eyes. We statues are rare.

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